For the first time in Mattel's 56 year history, Barbie is adopting super powers in response to 'girls' demand for more female superheroes.'

Barbie dons cape to launch Barbie in Princess Power at Nuremberg Toy Fair

For the first time in history, Barbie is donning a cape to make her superhero debut in celebration of the latest DVD film release, Barbie in Princess Power.

The iconic fashion doll kicked off celebrations by demonstrating her new superpowers in front of crowds at this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair.

Aimed at inspiring kids to ‘be super’ the release is supported by a new toy range, allowing Barbie fans to recreate the character’s heroic adventures.

Barbie will be joined by Kara and her cousin Corinne, a pair of princesses that can be turned in to their super hero alter egos, Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle at the press of a button.

A collection of co-stars and pet friends complete the new range.

Further more, fans will also be able to engage with the new look Barbie through a range of new consumer products and published titles, including storybooks, colouring books and activity books, role play, bedding, arts and crafts and outdoor.

Barbie in Princess Power arrives in answer to a recent survey conducted by Mattel that revealed that nine out of ten girls around the globe ‘wished there were more superheroes for girls.’

However, the hybrid nature of the new range is a result of the finding that more than half of those girls asked disagreed that ‘superheroes are more fun than princesses.’

“Interestingly, girls’ responses were split as to whether superheroes were more fun than princesses and we know girls like to explore multiple roles when engaged in imaginative play, said Michael shore, Ph.D, vice president and head of global consumer insights at Mattel.

“Unlike other female superheroes, Barbie is the only one designed through the eyes of girls.”

Check out the video of superhero Barbie in action, below.

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