Mayfair Games - the team behind Settlers of Catan - is looking for $300,000 to create a colossal version for Gen Con 2015.

Parks and Recreation’s Cones of Dunshire takes to Kickstarter

Now for something for the Parks and Recreation fans among you, a Kickstarter campaign to bring Ben Wyatt’s parody board game, Cones of Dunshire to life.

Mayfair Games – the team behind the popular title Settlers of Catan – has taken to the crowd-funding site to raise $300,000 to create a colossal version of the hilariously impractical game.

With a multi-level board that’s over 10 square feet and “more cards than you can shake a handcrafted artisan stick at” the Kickstarter project is aimed towards producing a version of the game for the Gen Con 2015 charity event.

The game will set fans back a hefty $500 (£330) – a staggering price for a game with no real rules. However, those outrageous enough to bid will receive a heck of a lot of cones in return.

“Wrap your head around 48 Cones of dunshire cones in four different colours, Red, Green, Yellow AND Blue,” said the team via the Kickstarter page.

“And who can forget the Start Player Cone? Is it the most important cone in the game? You have to play to find out.

“Then there’s the big one, The Cone of Decision, AKA The Dark Cone. This one is a monster. I mean this thing is a gigantic piece of wood. Please do not use it as a weapon. This giant cone can only be controlled by the Cone Sheath, which slides on snuggly.”

If that hasn’t cleared things up for you, perhaps take a minute to follow the game’s first reveal in the US sitcom Parks and Recreation, here.

The Cones of Dunshire Kickstarter project is actually the second version of the game to emerge. Mayfair Games previously created a smaller version of The Cones of Dunshire for Gen Con 2014.

The Deluxe Edition features 17 roles: Wizard, Maverick, Arbiter, Corporal, Warriors, Dragon, Alchemist, Provost, Denier, Shaman, Abbott, Brinksman, Farmer, Duchess, Mountebank, Minstrel, and Tradesman.

So far, the game has attained $15,379 of its $300,000 goal. However, it does still have 58 days remaining on the clock, before the project closes on March 15th.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign video for Cones of Dunshire below:

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