The Kickstarter board game hit combines principles of professional cycling with strategy, and the UK's love for the sport makes the market very appealing for its inventors.

Spanish creator of Cycling Party board game says UK is ‘very attractive market’

The growing interest in cycling in the UK is making the market ‘very attractive’ to the creators of Kickstarter board game hit, Cycling Party.

Developed by a team of Spanish cycling enthusiasts and board game fanatics, the title combines the principles of professional cycling with strategy, offering “the most realistic cycling game, ever.”

The publishing team, called Snake Eyes Games achieved Kickstarter success last November when it smashed its crowd-funding goal of $5,000 to attain a massive $26,886 in funding.

Following the achievement, the team now has its sights on striking deals with toyshops, board game shops and cycling stores across the globe, with the UK being a major focus.

“We think that Cycling Party could be in all of these retailers,” the board game’s co-publisher, Leandro Perez told ToyNews.

“The game is very versatile and in Spain, there are Cycling Parties in several shops across several sectors, and this is increasing all the time.”

On an international scale, the going is slower but the team remains positive that its biggest market will be the UK.

“We still work in full-time employment, so expansion is slower than we’d like,” continued Perez.

“However, taking into account the response we received in the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, the big quantity of games sold in the UK by the Kickstarter project and the increasing interest in British cycling, the British market is really attractive to Cycling Party.”

International expansion is firmly on the team’s ‘to do’ list and Perez is already busy working on translating the game in to other languages.

“We are especially interested in English speaking countries because the game, the web and the app is translated in to English. At the same time, we are busy translating it into other languages.”

However, with such designs for the Cycling Party title, the firm remains humbled by its Kickstarter fan following, and Perez describes the overwhelming response to the game took them all by surprise when it surpassed their funding expectations.

“We knew that our product is complete and it would be interesting for a lot of people, but the results were awesome,” he said.

“Normally the success of a board game campaign on Kickstarter is reserved for big companies with the capacity for redirecting a lot of people to their campaigns.

“However, we achieved really nice results by just being a start up, so it was a nice reward for our hard work.”

Snake Eyes Games is now in the process of striking deals with international retailers as well as working on follow up titles, including Triathlon Party.

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