The adult party game challenges players to adopt an accent and combine it with an edgy phrase, the result is ridiculous and a big hit with an emerging community.

Creators of US Kickstarter hit Utter Nonsense on the power of community

It’s the game that could have you swapping from your best New Yorker accent to your most uninhibited orgasm in a flash.

And with that kind of tagline, it’s no wonder this adult party game has seen such a strong launch across the US.

Kickstarter hit, Utter Nonsense challenges players to adopt a selection of stereotypical accents, such as Redneck, New Yorker, British and even orgasm, and then has them combine them with inappropriate or edgy phrases.

“The results are a bunch of sayings that are just plain ridiculous,” enthused Timothy Swindle, co-creator of Utter Nonsense.

“Imagine you’re a Grandma calling someone out for their slutty profile picture in one round, and a pirate admitting to passing gas in the next.”

Just like its selection of accent or imitation cards suggest, Utter Nonsense is no stranger to risk. In fact, Swindle and his business partner, Dave Mazurek, only decided to embark on the project as an alternative option to going to grad school.

“Dave and I had the concept for Utter Nonsense in January last year while we were debating whether to go to graduate school,” explained Swindle. “We decided to pursue this instead, and only time will tell if we made the right decision.”

By August 2014, the team had launched its Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to take the game to market. The endeavor was a success and last November, Swindle received his initial production run of the game.

“Utter Nonsense has only been in the market for about two months, but the reaction has definitely exceeded our expectations,” he said. “In fact, we have sold over 5,000 games already and are getting incredible feedback.”

Reflecting the emergence of the adult party gaming scene, the initial Kickstarter project built up a strong following from across the globe.

“We really liked the Kickstarter platform from not only an opportunity to raise money perspective, but also to market the product to an audience and community we had no way of reaching otherwise,” explained Swindle.

And it was this caliber of adult gaming community that also helped guide the direction in which the game went, and the team even called upon a gathering of comedy writers from a variety of backgrounds, genders and races, to help diversify the humour of the game.

From its humble Kickstarter beginnings, Utter Nonsense now sells through the team’s own website and via US toy retailer Marbles: The Brain Store. But the company isn’t stopping there and has its eye on the UK market, provided the humour crosses the Atlantic in one piece, of course.

“We happen to be big fans of British humour an I lived there for a period after University, so there is a personal connection to the UK,” continued Swindle.

“However, we understand that in order for us to properly go after the UK market, we will have to address some of the humour in our cards so it is more relatable to Brits.”

However, for now, the firm will occupy itself with an expansion pack under development, boasting a “very unique twist to the original.”

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