The accent-challenging game has shifted more than 5,000 games in the US since its launch in November last year.

Kickstarter hit Utter Nonsense enjoys strong US launch

Kickstarter success story Utter Nonsense is reporting excellent sales of its accent testing party game, with over 5,000 titles sold since its US launch last November.

Created by Tim Swindle and Dave Mazurek, the game challenges players to put their linguistic skills to the test, combining accents with a selection of daft phrases.

Utter Nonsense took to the crowd-funding site Kickstarter last year, with the goal of securing $15,000. 

By August 2014, the team had surpassed the goal, totaling $16,339 in funding by the close of the project.

The team has seen the popularity of Utter Nonsense build and since the title’s official launch in mid-November last year, the game has shifted more than 5,000 titles through its website and Marbles: The Brain Store.

The game itself consists of 40 accent cards and 460 phrase cards that players then combine and act out.

“Think of a grandma bragging about sexting or a redneck wondering if diarrhea is contagious,” said a spokesperson for Utter Nonsense. “Sometimes phrases pair well with the accent, but for the most part they don’t, and that’s Utter Nonsense.

“We believe that sometimes you just need to turn off technology, gather around the table with family and friends, and have fun together.”

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