The collection is scheduled to hit shelves in May this year.

New KISS action figures en route from Bif Bang Pow

Glam rockers KISS are finally getting their own range of action figures.

Since the 70s, the band has featured in numerous toy guises, including Pop! Vinyl figures, K’NEX, large-scale figures and even Hello Kitty toys.

But despite demand, fans and collectors have been unable to get their hands on 3 3/4 inch scale action figures of the leather-clad quartet. That is, until now.

This year will see the launch of Bif Bang Pow’s collection of KISS Alive II actions figures, immortalizing the band’s original members – Gene Simmons (The Demon), Paul Stanley (Starchild), Peter Criss (Catman) and Ace Fehley (Spaceman) as they all appeared during the Alive II era.

‘Each of the KISS Alive II 3 3/4 –inch scale action figures feature detailed character specific clothing and accessories based on the Alive II album,’ read a product description.

‘These exceptional figures feature 11 points of articulation, Gene, Paul and Ace each come with a guitar and Peter sports a pair of drum sticks.’

Entertainment Earth reports that the figures are scheduled for release this May, with each member arriving in full-colour packaging featuring a drum set cut out. Fans who collect the complete line-up will then be able to assemble their own drum kit.

For now, the only images available are initial concept art, but fan sites already predict the range will be on display at Toy Fair.

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