The team hopes to raise £7,500 in order to launch its range of Playpress construction sets to boys and girls across the UK.

Brothers take to Kickstarter to launch recyclable construction toys

A pair of toy inventor brothers have taken to Kickstarter to help launch a new collection of recyclable construction toys for both boys and girls.

Playpress is a range of 100 per cent recyclable, gender-neutral toys, designed to allow youngsters to construct anything from vehicles to buildings and people.

The brainchild of the South East England-based team, Peter and Matthew Wright, each set is made from a series of pieces that can slot together in various ways, to create all manner of objects.

The team has launched its first Kickstarter project to raise £7,500 in order to help fund the manufacturing and marketing of Playpress.

“We wanted to make something really fun hat would be cheap enough for children to buy with their pocket money,” read a statement from the team via its Kickstarter page.

“The sets are fun, easy to put together and every piece fits together, so you can build anything you can imagine. Playpress sets are so much more than models and our dream is to make huge skyscrapers, airports, shopping centres, coffee shops, houses, parks, pets, farms, and well, everything.”

The duo has already reached over £1,000 of its crowd-funding goal and with 34 days still remaining on the clock, the team is offering numerous rewards to early backers, including all ten Playpress characters, a blank Playpress house, a colour Playpress house set and a one off Playpress house set for anyone who stumps up a £250 pledge.

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