Each plush toy comes in three separate parts that stick together to create creatures made up of several different animals.

Anagranimals plush range to launch at London Toy Fair

Anagranimals is set to launch a unique range of collectable and interchangeable plush toys at London Toy Fair later this month. 

Based on the popular children’s books, the plush Anagranimals will feature the gang of cuddly creatures each made up of several different animals.

Characters include Heidi the Hippo-Croco-Puss, Pedro the Pig-Orilla-Roo and Ebenezer the Ele-Zeb-Zee.

Each plush toy comes in three separate parts that stick together with Velcro, so that a child owning a Hippo-Croco-Puss and a Pig-Orilla-Roo can swap parts to create the likes of a Hippo-Rilla-Roo or a Piggy-Croco-Puss.

The range will launch with six characters to collect with up to 216 potential Anagranimal combinations to create and the firm is looking for retail and licensing partners at the show to help them take the brand forward.

“Our range is really quite distinct from other plush products on the market,” said co-founder and Anagranimals CEO Leith Moghli.

“Each toy is designed to be fun, quirky and highly desirable in its own right. However, the component parts of each toy are interchangeable with the equivalent components of all the other toys in the range allowing kids to create more and more weird and wonderful creations as they build up their collection.”

Anagranimals co-founder and managing director Heidi Ells, added: “It’s an incredibly exciting time.

"The reception that the books and toys have received over the past 12 months has been overwhelming.”

Take a look at some of the range below:

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