"It was fantastic and it did suprise me," CEO Jørgen Von Knudstorp told ToyNews.

The LEGO Movie was “edgier than what I expected,” says LEGO CEO

The success of The LEGO Movie came as a suprise to the toy firm’s CEO Jørgen Von Knudstorp, who felt it "edgier that what I had expected."

The LEGO Movie was the highest grossing film at the UK box office in 2014, making £34.27m, and the company’s CEO was delighted with the end result.

"It’s been my luck, but over the last ten years things have gone a lot better than I have ever anticipated," Knudstorp told ToyNews.

"I thought the movie was a great, fun idea and I was curious to see how they would do it. I didn’t want to interfere with the script but our teams tried to make sure they understood what LEGO was all about and they did an awesome job of that.

"When I saw the final product, I wasn’t sure how it would do because it was edgier that what I had expected. I’m feeling very gratified that it did as well as it did because it showed that the brain could contain that. It was fantastic. It did surprise me."

Off the back of the success of The LEGO Movie, Warner Bros’ LEGO Ninjago will arrive in 2016, followed by The LEGO Batman Movie in 2017, with The LEGO Movie 2 landing in 2018.

Beyond the three dated movies, Knudstorp is wary of over saturating the brand on the big screen.

Knudstorp added: "It may be the kind of thing that needs a break at some point if it’s becoming too much, we’ll see.

"There’s always a careful balance of not over saturating when you have something that’s going very well for you. Right now, we have the right level of activity with almost one film a year and the future ahead is very exciting. But I don’t want to push it harder if we don’t have any great ideas for 2022 or whenever, then we can skip a year.

"It’s more important that the quality is there."

And why do the small bricks lend themselves so well to the big screen?

"It’s the fundamental values of the LEGO brand that translate so well," said Knudstorp.

"It’s the creativity, imagination and the role-play. It’s a cultural icon and a deep human urge to create something so it has a very special translation that lots of other things can’t achieve. It’s really down to something way beyond anything I’ve had to do with."

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