The collectables specialist has announced a roster of new releases for 2015 featuring some of the most celebrated and niche licenses of recent years.

Funko reveals Guardians of the Galaxy, Seinfeld and Saved by the Bell Pop for 2015

Funko has revealed a swathe of new Pop, Retro-Pop and ReAction figures for the year ahead, featuring Guardians of the Galaxy, Saved by the Bell and Seinfeld.

As part of the firm’s 12 days of Christmas bonanza deluge of information, Funko announced a full roster of upcoming releases with highlights including Shaun of the Dead, Orange is the New Black and Futurama.

Funko is no stranger to taking on some of the most niche licenses and this year’s roll-out is no different with the likes of Hot Fuzz, Munsters, Monty Python Holy Grail and Superbad characters joining its vinyl figure elite.

These will join new lines from A-Team, Dodgeball, Sesame Street, X-Files, 21 Jump Street and Pixar’s new animated movie, Inside Out.

Funko Pop characters from Disney’s upcoming Star Wars Episode VII will also be released later this year.

Meanwhile, the Retro TV Pop line will feature classic 90s comedies such as Saved by the Bell, Seinfeld and Friends.

This is all in addition to the second series of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Pop figures, reports

Elsewhere, Funko’s Legacy line up will see new additions including Game of Thrones Wave 3 and Firefly, while Fifth Element, Rocky Horror Picture Show, V for Vendetta, Big Lebowski, Fight Club and Scarface will join the ReAction collection.

While there already seems enough to whet the appetite of any collector of pop culture enthusiast, Funko’s final teaser seems to have caused a stir among fans, hinting that one more big announcement will include:

“A new direction, a new set of lines, a new way to collect, new licenses, new looks, new talent.”

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