The game was so well received that it earned her a silver Blue Peter badge and was described by the show’s presenter as “genuinely fantastic.”

Young inventor enjoys Blue Peter fame with show-themed board game

A young inventor has had her first taste of fame, appearing on Blue Peter to present her board game based on the show’s guide dog, Iggy.

11-year-old Elsie Cobb wowed the BBC show’s presenters when she demoed the game that she had created during her summer school holidays.

The game was so well received by the show that it earned her a silver Blue Peter badge and was described by the show’s presenter, Radzi Chinyanganya as “genuinely fantastic.”

The game challenges players to work their way around a Monopoly-style board and each have money to buy treats for Iggy, such as dog food and a tennis ball.

A pupil of Buckingham Primary School, Cobb said: “You have to get around the board by buying things for Iggy. They liked it so much and my friends who watched said they thought I was really good on there.”

Blue Peter co-presenter, Lindsey Russell described the game as ‘ridiculously good.’

“We couldn’t believe how good it was when we saw it earlier,” she said. “It’s actually brilliant, thank you.”

The young game designer has created other board game titles, based on the ancient Egyptians and countries of the world as various school projects.

With such a colourful portfolio already behind her as well as the prestigious Blue Peter badge, the emerging game developer certainly appears to be carving a future for herself within the toy industry.

Perhaps she is one to watch for the future?

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