It's our last look at inventors for the year, and we want to say thanks.

LEADER: Merry Christmas

Take a minute if you need it to recover from the above picture. I appreciate there’s a lot to take in.

Ready? Well the reason for what is arguably the most beautiful image to grace the site this year is that, as well as it being the last week before Christmas, today also marks the last Inventors Bulletin from myself and Rob in 2014.

Don’t fret, we’ll be back in the New Year with more news, analysis, inventor profiles, advice and success stories relevant to this vibrant sector of the industry.

This year saw ToyNews dip a toe into the world of inventors through articles in the magazine earlier this year. We then went waist deep with the launch of our first Toy & Game Inventors Workshop event and now, with our weekly Inventors Bulletin in full swing, we’re fully submerged in this wonderful world.

We’ve met some of the most colourful, creative people in the entire industry through our inventor adventure and are now of the opinion that if you want to have a properly great night out, invite as many inventor chums as possible (thanks to Board Game Club for that lesson).

We’d like to say thanks to all the inventors that contributed to the pieces in the mag and online, all the guys that have shared their experiences (good and bad) via our Diary of an Inventor series, everyone who came to our first Workshop and to those who are helping the Bulletin flourish with their input.

We also want to say a big thanks to the toy firms that have supported this particular venture of ours, whether it was via attending our first Workshop or, as many have, opening up your R&D departments to us.

The final Bulletin of 2014 features more great content in the form of two diaries from inventors just starting out in our industry.

These include Nadia Guevara and Pedro Bori who have made the daunting move from Mexico to the UK to launch a range of toys the visually impaired and blind, and Behrooz Shariari who plans to launch the brilliant card game In a Bind next year.

Having played In a Bind at the last Board Game Club, it’s personally the best game I’ve played this year and as well as being the hairiest male pole dancer I’ve ever met, Bez is one of the most passionate inventors we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Seek him, and In a Bind, out when it launches next year. In a nut-shell, it’s stand-up Twister where you have to maintain poses like show your front teeth, raise your right hand or point a finger.

If you don’t believe me when I say it’s great, check out the image of Rob playing the game below (consider it an early Christmas gift):

Merry Christmas and have a groovy New Year. We’ll see you in 2015 for more Bulletins and the return of the Toy & Game Inventors Workshop (at a new swanky venue).

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