First puzzles and plush based on the brand's collection of characters to make UK debut at Spring Fair.

Tulipop to launch first pre-school toy line

Icelandic pre-school property and giftware range Tulipop is heading to Spring Fair for the first time next year with its debut collection of pre-school toys.

The firm will be showcasing a new range of plush and puzzles inspired by the Tulipop line-up of characters, including Mr Tree, Bubble the mushroom boy and Miss Maddy.

 Launched in the UK last January with a collection of gift and homeware items, the Tulipop brand has already been met with ‘positive reaction’, and the firm now believes it can achieve success similar to that in Iceland.

 “These new toys will be a key product in our line-up for 2015,” Tulipop co-founder, Helga Arnodottir told ToyNews. “We have a feeling that Tulipop might become the same kind of brand in the UK as it is in Iceland, and it is a key market for us.”

The firm is also starting to explore new avenues for the characters, including an animated Tulipop series.

 “Toys is a big market for us, but we want to take it slowly for now, build up the brand and maintain that aspect and appeal of high quality,” she explained

Primarily launched as a giftware brand, the firm has made the move into other categories, including an app and new for 2015, pre-school backpacks.

 “Tulipop is such a fun brand and this is why it lends itself to toys so well,” said Arnodottir. “There is a whole world of Tulipops. Even our dinner sets are toys for kids.”

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