Unbox Industries' Chubby Stackables hit the UK as fans gear up for the release of the new movie next year.

New Star Wars Russian dolls receive overwhelming feedback

The UK’S Russian doll market just got a lot geekier, thanks to the overwhelming initial support for a new range of Star Wars-themed nesting figures.

Collectables specialist Unbox Industries has already seen ‘fantastic early response’ to its line of Star Wars Chubby Stackables figures and the firm anticipates even bigger things for the range with a new movie on the way.

Based on iconic characters from the Star Wars universe, Chubby Stackables offer fans a new twist on the Matryoshka nesting doll, featuring sets of three figures – including Yoda, Han Solo and C3PO – each designed to fit inside its preceding character.

“Initial feedback to the Star Wars Chubby Stackables range has been overwhelming, our stock for mainland Europe sold out before it even got off the boat,” Unbox Industries’ Dan Willet told ToyNews.

“We are anticipating big things from Star Wars next year and Chubby waves two and three are already in development and looking great. We hope that retailers and customers will continue to support the line.”

Retailing at between £17.99 and £19.99, the Star Wars Chubby Stackables made their UK debut this November, where they were reportedly welcomed by children and adult fans alike.

“We have seen three year olds love the playability of these figures, even though they haven’t seen the movies,” continued Willet. “On the other hand, we have had adult Star Wars fans contacting us to say the figures are amazing.”

Unbox Industries is now targeting a vast compendium of UK retailers, including independent toy shops, collectable stores and video game retailers.

“Sales of items like these are doing very well across the board,” continued Willet.

“And we will be working with Diamond Distributors, Centresoft and Hive to ensure we deliver to a general mix of retailers.

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