It's an exciting time to be Bladez Toyz. The RC company has enjoyed its biggest year yet and is expecting its biggest Christmas on record. ToyNews talks to managing director, Iain Morgan about where it all went right.

INTERVIEW: Bladez Toyz talks its biggest year to date

How has 2014 been for Bladez Toyz?

2014 has been our biggest year to date. We have been working with the Simba Dickie distribution group within Europe, as well as Viva Entertainment in the Middle East and Africa and Direct to Retail in the USA, which has resulted in our products being sold in Target, Toys R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond and Radio Shack.

 How do you see the state of the RC market at the moment?

The RC market is doing phenomenally well currently. There are more and more innovative products being developed; this paired with people having a bit more money in their pockets than recent years has seen a significant growth in the demand for RC products.

What has been your best selling products this year, and what do you have high expectations for this Christmas?

Without a doubt, our best selling line continues to be the Radio Control Inflatable Minions. The item has been huge for us globally, as it hits the perfect levels of price, functionality and innovation. We are expecting our biggest Christmas yet.

Next year we have the Minions movie and a new Star Wars film. Are you expecting these major movie releases to boost sales around your Minion and R2-D2 products?

In light of the Minions movie and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we are expecting to double our growth as a company again next year with the global contracts we have in place for our licensed items.

What does 2015 have in store for Bladez?

2015 will see the launch of our simple, yet innovative collection: Super Nano and Super Jumbo products. Our RC Inflatable category will be growing with more famous characters.

We’ll also be launching our Super Nano gadgets, which includes one of the smallest Quadcopters in the world and a Super Nano Yacht.

Will you be welcoming any new licences to your portfolio next year?

Yes. We are launching some fantastic licences, including some exciting novelties.They are all top secret at the moment, but come and see us in Gallery 123 at Toy Fair for the big unveiling.

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