The interactive puppet is inspired by the advances in wearable tech to help girls and boys get to grip with core curriculum subjects.

Smart Puppet hits Kickstarter to bridge gender gap in STEM learning

A new collection of puppet/tech toy hybrids has taken to Kickstarter with the aim of solving the gender gap issue in STEM learning.

The Smart Puppet from ZippyKit is a DIY kit inspired by wearable tech to combine smart-textiles and electronics to engage both boys and girls and help teach them core curriculum subjects.

The brain child of Elena Corchero, each puppet is designed with interactive paws that are able to navigate tablets.

“With ZippyKit, anyone can dive in to the world of soft electronics with no previous experience,” said Corchero.

“The toys are designed with a unique lining system that doesn’t require any sewing or soldering, and as a result you have put together your first LED circuit, interactive paws or even voice recorder”

The Smart Puppet has now secured £8,330 of its £23,000 goal and has 12 days remaining on the crowdsourcing site.

Check out the video for the ZippyKit Smart Puppet below:

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