New TV show will hit screens from next spring and toy range will follow in Q4, with ITV saying “Vivid really understand the Thunderbirds heritage; there’s a real blend of nostalgia and new”.

Thunderbirds Are Go line to be must-have toys of 2015, says ITV

ITV believes Vivid’s toy line based on the new upcoming Thunderbirds Are Go animated series will prove to be the must have toys of 2015.

The new show, debuting on TV screens from spring 2015 on ITV and CITV, is produced using a unique mixture of CGI animation and live-action miniatures, with the spin-off toy line launching Q4 2015.

Just as anticipation is strong for the TV debut, ITV believes fans will not be disappointed by Vivid’s efforts on the toy front.

“Young viewers, loyal fans and gift givers will be thrilled with Vivid’s imaginative approach in bringing this fantastic new series to life and extending its spirit into such an inspired range,” Trudi Hayward, SVP of global merchandise at ITVS GE told ToyNews.

“With striking packaging and POS, the new toy line is inventive, high-quality and creative and features exciting vehicles and crafts. The all new Tracy Island play-set is packed full of innovative features that will certainly amaze fans and retailers alike. The line also includes a vehicle play-set, detailed action figures and role-play.”

ITV is looking to emulate the age-spanning appeal of the original series with Thunderbirds Are Go and the firm is backing Vivid’s toy line with one of ITV’s most extensive digitally integrated consumer marketing and retail campaigns ever.

“Our approach for Thunderbirds Are Go has been to build an iconic brand with longevity and to work with partners that reflect our vision,” continued Hayward.

“Vivid is developing products that fully capture the key themes of the classic series such as adventure, rescue, gadgets, vehicles and teamwork. These values are central to the property and are reflected in the extensive toy line. Vivid has produced a line that remains true to the core brand whilst simultaneously updating action figures and play-sets to include key features from the new series.”

The original 1960s Thunderbirds series boasts a passionate, now adult following, and Hayward is sure that both the new series, and accompanying toy line, will appeal to fans old and new.

“Loyal fans that grew up with the show will undoubtedly be pleased with the strong premise of rescue and adventure and its use of iconic vehicles and craft,” she said.

“We’re sure that the pioneering new series will be a massive hit with fans of all ages. On the toy range, Vivid really understand the Thunderbirds heritage. There’s a real blend of nostalgia and new, which makes the toys exciting for all fans.

“The consumer products programme will be kicked off by Vivid and will primarily target boys aged five to 11, with a secondary appeal to girls, adult fans and dads,” continued Hayward. “We have great expectations for the whole range and in particular Tracy Island.

“Along with a strong above-the-line marketing campaign including TV advertising and in-store promotions, we are confident that Thunderbirds are Go will be must-have toys by this time next year.”

Looking further afield, as the show continues to develop into 2016, ITV is confident the toy line will evolve alongside it.

“As each episode airs, new themes will be revealed to viewers, so it’s vital that the toy line brings these key elements to life and for fans to be completely engrossed as it all unravels.”

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