'Fun gift for boys' sign has been removed from all Tesco stores, after Maggie Cole spotted the poster in her local store in Dorset.

Tesco removes gender signage after seven year old girl labels it ‘stupid’

The fight for gender neutrality in toy shops may have itself a new face, as Tesco felt the wrath of a seven-year-old girl left unimpressed by its gender signage.

The supermarket removed a sign that referred to a superhero alarm clock as a ‘fun gift for boys’ when Maggie Cole got irked with the assumption that only boys would like it.

Mother and daughter, Karen and Maggie Cole became internet sensations after posting a photo of the sign at Tesco branch in Poole, Dorset on Twitter.

“My Superhero loving seven year old daughter was not impressed when she spotted this sign in @Tesco today @LetToysBeToys,’ she tweeted.

The Telegraph reports that the young Batman, Superman and Spider-Man fan and her mother have since received over 10,000 retweets.

“Maggie spotted the sign before I did and pointed it out to me by indignantly saying something like, ‘Well that’s wrong. Anybody can like superheroes, they’re being stupid aren’t they?’” Cole told Buzzfeed News.

Tesco has apologised and removed the sign from the aisle, stating that the clock in question “would make a great gift for both girls and boys.”

The retailer has since revealed that the sign will be removed from all of its stores. 

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