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LEADER: Make sure you’re knocking on the right doors

Well, despite Billy’s desperate plea last week, the past seven days have been quiet on the freebie prototype front.

But that’s probably because you’re all far too busy pedalling your ideas and products to testing groups, retailers and heads of inventor relations up and down the country.

And as well you might, because as this week’s Diary of an Inventor demonstrates, there’s nothing quite as effective as self-promotion.

This week, John Cattermole updates us with the latest developments from his range of collectables, Bomtanka. And it seems like the little characters have been causing a stir among the local primary schools, as well as the local retailers.

Cattermole tells us how he decided to greet his biggest critics face-to-face, and offer local schools trial sessions of his Bomtanka range. It must have been reassuring then, when he received nothing but praise back from the schools, as well as the reminder from one student that he “must have the best job in the world.”

But if you’re going to spend your time knocking on doors, make sure you’re knocking on the right ones, for Gawds sake. Which, coincidentally, is the topic in Wow! Stuff’s Richard North’s first Inventor Mantras piece.

Having won the 2014 Inventor Award from Hasbro at the International Toy Fair in New York this year, there is surely no one more qualified to offer advice and insight into the inventor community, as well as a few humorous anecdotes of his own. So we look forward to reading more of these golden nuggets from Richard as the weeks go on.

AIM Start Ups is looking to enter world of toy inventors and tells us all about its Government-funded Start Up Loans scheme to help get you on your feet.

Finally, huge congratulations go to MakieLabs’ Alice Taylor. The woman behind the popular range of 3D printed Makie Dolls has just returned from the Chicago Toy and Game Fair with one more award in tow than when she set off.

Taylor scooped the Rising Star Inventor Award, a trophy that must sit nicely alongside her successes of the year, including a ‘sell-out’ presence in Hamleys.

And that’s all just in one week’s roundup. Now, for the hard part: coming up with an pithy sign off.

I think I’ll stick with, ‘til next time.

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