“Our aim is simple: people need to play more and enjoy more."

Toyology to launch new toy rental service

Toyology is to launch a new toy rental service with the help of an IndieGoGo campaign.

Designed to shake up the way toys and tech are consumed in the UK, Toyology will offer members of the service access to the latest and greatest toys and tech, giving them the chance to ‘play for a while, or play forever’.

Specialising in bigger-ticket items like the Anki Drive and the Crazy Cart, Toyology will let members borrow items for ten-day stints.

Once their time is up, they can choose to return them or buy a brand new one outright, minus the rental fee.

The service is launching with an initial fleet of 40 products to rent, ranging in value from £250 to £3,000, 

“Our aim is simple: people need to play more and enjoy more," said co-founder, Peter Jenkinson.

"There are some incredible new playthings out there to discover, but high prices and even the physical size of some great gadgets can be a massive turn-off for some people. So we’re saying let us worry about that: we’ll invest in the brilliant kit, we’ll store it, maintain it and care for it, creating a veritable playroom full of the latest weird and wonderful gear, which we’ll happily share with you.

"Toyology members can borrow our stuff for just long enough to see if it’s something they’d like to own. If they love it, they can keep it. Or if they’ve had their fun and are ready to try something new, they can return it to us and pick another gadget from our collection.”

“Budget-savvy tech fans might be reluctant to fork out hundreds of hard-earned pounds for the latest state of the art drone or 3D printer without knowing what they’re truly letting themselves in for, so we’re giving them the chance to really rigorously road-test those big purchases, at a fraction of the RRP, before they commit.

"By borrowing the kit for ten days, they can get right under the skin of it, ensuring it’s absolutely right for them and not just an expensive and regrettable novelty purchase.”

Rentals will be priced in Toykens, the on-site currency of Toyology. Members simply purchase Toykens and exchange them for the plaything they wish to borrow. Toykens will also be offered as a reward – members who treat the kit well and return it in good condition will earn bonus Toykens to put towards future rentals.

Toyology, which is seeking £25,000 funding through a crowd-funding campaign, intends to launch the service in February 2015.

Rentals will be available within the M25 initially, before expanding out to other areas of the UK over the next six months.

Check out the IndieGoGo campaign for the service here or watch the campaign video below:


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