'The move to the Fundamentally Children umbrella has raised the firm's profile to tipping point,' says Dr. Amanda Gummer.

Good Toy Guide submissions hit ‘all time high’

Good Toy Guide submissions have hit an ‘all time high’ following the firm’s move to the Fundamentally Children umbrella.

The team of play experts and child psychologists is now urging toy companies to get their products submitted early to be in time for the upcoming Toy Fair season.

“The huge reception we have had to Fundamentally Children has really raised our profile with both consumers and toy companies,” said Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of the Good Toy Guide.

“We seem to have tipping point where lots of new products are being sent to us for review before launch so they hit the ground running with the Good Toy Guide endorsement already secured.

“Obviously, the earlier in the development stage the toys are reviewed, the more able companies are to respond to the feedback we give them.”

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