With a 4K on board camera, the Inspire 1 can capture and transmit video in DJI's most technologically advanced drone to date.

Flying Gadgets launches DJI Inspire 1 drone

RC specialist Flying Gadgets has launched its most technologically advanced drone to date.

The DJI Inspire 1 is capable of capable of capturing and transmitting HD video via its integrated 4K camera, offering ‘the perfect aerial view.’

Designed to be powerful and lightweight, the new drone features the new 4K camera and gimbal system, a powerful remote controller and offers live HD view with the ability to transmit video from up to two kilometers away.

With a top speed of 22 metres per second, the DJI drone also comes with a downloadable app, allowing users to view camera footage directly via their phone or tablet.

“The Inspire 1 is a brand new quadcopter capable of capturing 4K video and transmitting in a HD video signal to multiple devices straight out of the box,” read a statement from Flying Gadgets.

“With its transforming design, the Inspire 1 creates an easy to use all in one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable.”

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