Guy Taylor explains the history of his game all about the UK.

DIARY OF AN INVENTOR: Guy Taylor and Know the UK Game

I started designing Know The UK Game after I had retired from the police and was enjoying watching the 2012 Olympics and thinking back to the Royal Wedding in 2011.

I wanted to design a game all about the wonderful UK which was fun and informative.

Further to this, I was amazed that my sons’ knowledge of their own country was some what lacking and that they had a greater understanding of cities far away with little relevance to our little corner of Buckinghamshire than of these great Isles.

I spoke to an old friend of mine, James Halliday, about my idea. He loved it and together we undertook an exciting journey to create this unique game.

We created Know the UK Game, a 3-in-1 original and fun game all about the UK – something we hope the whole family will enjoy whilst helping children with their knowledge of the UK.

Firstly we made a map of the UK on a board with detail of counties, prominent cities and towns. Both being fathers, we knew that children love assembling jigsaws, so we decided to make the pieces large and hexagonal so they would fit together easily and be robust.

We then began to research the school curriculum to ascertain what sort of knowledge children had at different ages.

We ended up with six subject types for Knowledge Questions – (English, Maths, Science, UK History, UK Geography plus General Knowledge).

However, we did not just want knowledge questions, we wanted to challenge the way they thought and their powers of reasoning – for this we developed Challenge Questions which tested perception, memory, creativity and even language skills. We had great fun including the riddles and tongue twisters.

Suddenly we had a jigsaw and we had some challenging, fun and interesting questions. Putting these two elements together we had a fantastic new board game.

Know the UK Game is designed to be played by children as young as seven and as they get older they can answer the different levels of questions printed on each card (there are four questions per card, each one increasing in difficulty which in turn tailors to include all ages). This means that the family can sit round the table for that precious hour and have some quality, fun, family time.

We took the bold move of launching our game at the NEC Education Show in Birmingham in March 2014 and we have now started to get our game into schools and shops around Buckinghamshire and in London.

We set out with two goals in mind – to create a fun game which the whole family could enjoy together and for children to have fun whilst learning. Time will tell if we have succeeded in what we set out to do.

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