Cerys Parker of RainyDayMum.co.uk explains what she is looking to buy her children this Christmas.

A PARENT BLOGGER’S VIEW: Toys to stand the test of time

As we gear up for Christmas and the wish lists from my three and five year old get longer and longer, I look through the lists and think about how long things will last.

Not so much in terms of before they break, but instead how long before my children grow out of them, stop liking a certain movie or just get too old for the toy.

Toys that I know will stand the test of time are pointed out in catalogues and adverts by myself and my husband, and we mention them when talking about the lists that will be written to Santa in a few weeks time.

Some toys will stand the test of time longer than others.

When we visit my parents, a smattering of my own toys are still up in the attic and have been brought down each time for my children to play with.

Our Fisher-Price Little People (not the new style but the 1970’s and 1980’s peg people with plane, lift and load and a family camper van and trailer tent) litter the floor.

My husband’s LEGO collection has been added to ours, the 1980’s Spaceman mixing happily with LEGO Friends and the Super Heroes collection like something from The LEGO Movie – including the break in the spaceman’s helmet.

Playmobil from my childhood, including a cowboy fort, has been supplemented with the newer Wild West items from the range, and dolls that once wore my own baby clothes now wear my children’s and are rocked to sleep by my daughter instead of me.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be the latest movie toy, or a cool new game on the wish list, but as parents the main present we buy will be one that will be lasting.

It may not last our children long, like a bike they will grow out of quickly, but that can be passed to our relations to pass to their relations so it will continue to be enjoyed and loved for time to come.

This year we’re looking at LEGO, Playmobil, dolls and dress up clothes.

They are all items that will stand the test of time and that we, like my parents, will be able to put into the attic to bring out when our grandchildren come round 30 years from now.

They can be enjoyed together as the memories come flooding back.

Cerys Parker is the founder of RainyDayMum.co.uk, sharing ideas for creative family fun, come rain or shine that won’t break the bank. Cerys can be found chatting and sharing ideas on Twitter @rainydaymum.

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