Advert for the new figure claims fashion dolls 'teach girls to value beauty over brains.'

GoldieBlox tackles fashion dolls with ‘action figure for girls’

GoldieBlox has launched an ‘action figure for girls’ in the US in the form of its new Zipline Action Figure.

The toy has launched alongside a confrontational advert tackling fashion dolls, claiming they ‘teach girls to value beauty over brains.’

The GoldieBlox Zipline toy sees the company’s Goldie character get the action figure treatment with articulated shoulders, hips, knees and joints along with specially designed hands and feet ‘designed for action’.

The action figure comes with a GoldieBlox construction kit that teaches kids how to build a 13 inch zipline for Goldie to soar on.

Take a look at the ad for GoldieBlox’s Zipline Action Figure below:

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