Toy has been created as part of a graduation project to 'make people think about the use of social media'.

New Born Fame toy project allows babies to take selfies

A Dutch designer has created a toy that allows babies to post ‘selfies’ to Facebook or Twitter, all to make people think about the use of social media.

New Born Fame is a cot mobile made up of soft toys shaped like a Facebook logo and Twitter bird.

The mobile hangs above the crib and when the baby reaches out to one of the soft toys, the device takes a photo and automatically posts it on social media.

New Born Fame is meant as a statement as opposed to a commercial toy, and forms part of Laura Cornet’s graduation project at the department of Man&Communication at Eindhoven Design Academy.

Cornet states that she created the product ‘to make people think about the use of social media, and how this influences the life of this new generation. What is considered to be okay, and when does it go too far? And, even more important: who is in charge of that decision?’

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