John Spinello needs $25,000 to pay for oral surgery.

Crowdfunding campaign launches to fund operation for Operation inventor

A crowdfunding campaign has launched to help pay for an operation needed by the inventor of the classic board game, Operation.

John Spinello invented the classic game in 1964 and sold his game to a toy invention firm for $500. That amount is all he has ever been paid for his now iconic creation.

Spinello now needs $25,000 for oral surgery and the Crowdrise campaign, set up by fellow game inventors Tim Walsh and Peggy Brown, is calling on ‘anyone who has ever played and loved Operation’ to help fund the operation.

On December 5th, Walsh and Brown will be auctioning Spinello’s original Operation prototype on eBay to further help raise funds.

The campaign has raised $2,233 at the time of writing.

Check out the Crowdrise campaign here.

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