Event will look at gender identity in the children's market.

KI:Talks to host Pink & Blue pop-up conference

Kids Industries is hosting its first pop-up conference later this month looking at gender identity in the children’s market.

The KI:Talks Pink & Blue debate will take place on Thursday, October 30th and will present research carried out by Kids Industries on the topic.

The firm spent the summer speaking to 1,000 parents online, conducting 120 face to face interviews, speaking to 120 children and reviewing 56 academic documents on the subject. The aim was to try and shed some light on questions such as why does mainstream western tradition and culture prescribe that boys are blue and girls are pink, and how did this come about.

"We’ve assessed the evidence from a variety of angles: biological, anthropological, sociological and commercial," explained Gary Pope, director of Kids Industries. "And we believe we have unearthed a compelling story which we’d love to share with you."

As well as presenting some of the results of the research, the Pink & Blue conference will see key industry figures from the toy, publishing, licensing and film industries – as well as academia – speak about what the issue of pink and blue means in their world.

To find out more about the conference and to register to attend, simply click on this link.

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