The website has unwittingly published pictures of the six new sets ahead of official release.

Russian retailer gives early glimpse of LEGO Minecraft sets

An online Russian LEGO store has let slip an early preview of the new LEGO Minecraft building sets.

The website unwittingly published pictures of six new sets based on the popular videogame franchise.

The sets, all listed as ‘coming soon’ feature the game’s hero Steve, the evil Creepers and a range of animals and settings.

The toysets themselves have been named Mine, Dragon Edge, Workbench, First Night, Farm and Cave.

The line-up is to be officially launched next month, just in time for the onslaught of Christmas shopping, aiming to put the line on top of children’s and adult’s wish lists this season.

Check out the line-up at Mir Kubikov, here. Or, continue scrolling for images of the new range:

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