The BTHA Outstanding Contribution Award will replace the Special Recognition accolade.

BTHA unveils new category for next year’s Toy Industry Awards

The BTHA will be replacing the Special Recognition award at next year’s Toy Industry Awards with the Outstanding Contribution accolade.

The award – which it is hoped will be presented annually – will recognise individuals and/or organisations for their innovation and special achievements in the UK toy industry.

The first award will be handed out as part of the Toy Industry Awards on January 20th, 2015, with the BTHA now calling for nominations.

Key criteria to be considered before submitting a nomination includes:

  • Recipients are widely acknowledged as a significant driving force in the industry and will have made a positive impact on the sector. The award will be made based on a major achievement or breakthrough, relating to a particular challenge, task or project.
  • It can be awarded to both individuals and/or organisations.
  • Recipients must be BTHA members.
  • It can only be awarded to individuals/organisations based in the UK.
  • No specific length of time/service is necessary.
  • Recipients can win more than once, but no more than twice as an individual or as part of an organisation.
  • Recipients must still be active in the UK toy industry. The award cannot be given out posthumously.
  • It can be presented annually should the recipient deemed to be deserving of the award.
  • Nominations must have a proposer and a seconder, and should be sumitted via an official nomination form via the BTHA website.

"We are incredibly excited to have announced this new awards category which recognises the innovation and talent that exists in the UK toy industry, and that drives our business in keeping toys relevant to an ever-changing and demanding audience," said Phil Ratcliffe, BTHA chairman.

"The BTHA is delighted to reward outstanding individuals and looks forward to receiving applications for the inaugural presentation of this award."

Nominations should be submitted no later than Friday, November 14th to be considered.

For full info and to download a nomination form, simply click on this link.

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