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Embodies Stallone’s appearance as Rambo in the First Blood Part II video game.

NECA reveals video game Rambo action figure

No, this isn’t the result of another spell under the knife for Sylvester Stallone, but a Rambo action figure based on the character’s classic video game appearance.

NECA has revealed the muscle clad, gun toting action hero as the latest in its eight-bit video Game Tribute Line.

The seventh figure to join the line of tribute figures, the action figure embodies Stallone’s appearance as Rambo in First Blood Part II, the 1988 video game.

Standing at seven inches tall, the figure features 25 points of articulation – 24 more than the Stallone of today – and arrives armed with a rocket launcher, knife, grenade, a bow and arrows for light accessories.

Action Figure Fury reports that the figure is expected to hits stores from January 2015 and will retail at around $25. 

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