The toy head set can determine whether a player is hiding the truth by monitoring their emotional state.

Japanese Mind Scanner toy can ‘read your mind’

Japanese firm, Tomy Co. has revealed a world’s first in mind reading toys.

The Tokyo-based toy company has announced its plans to release the Mind Scanner, a gadget that can determine a person’s emotional state and allow party-goers to play at reading minds.

By monitoring a players pulse with an infrared light, the Mind Scanner can monitor whether a person is calm, hesitant or tense when answering a set of questions.

If the Mind Scanner believes a player to be hiding the truth, the light will glow red. A green light signals the player is telling the truth.

“This is a toy, and it is not as accurate as the lie detectors probably used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” said a spokeswoman from Tomy Co.

“When nervous Tomy product developers gave presentations about the device to their bosses, the lamps all turned red,” she said.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Mind Scanner is slated to retail at around $23.

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