If one toy deserves a round of applause on a Friday afternoon, this is it.

Got your hands full but want to clap? Firebox’s Pachi Pachi Clappy can help

Ever wanted to give someone a clap but couldn’t be arsed? Something deserved a round of applause but you had you hands full? Well, rejoice for Firebox has an answer in the form of Pachi Pachi Clappy.

Pachi Pachi Clappy is a toy from Japan, where clapping is an important cultural practice, that allows users to pull a trigger to send two rubber hands together to create a clapping noise.

The toy boasts a cap, a pair of eyes and a mouth that opens and shuts as Pachi Pachi Clappy does its thing.

Pachi Pachi Clappy also links up to an app called Buzz Buzz Clappy, where players use its clappy little hands to catch flies on a phone.

“We’ve seen demand for wacky gadgets from Japan sky-rocket at Firebox.com this year, so the moment we first set eyes on Pachi Pachi’s joy-filled face, we had to bring him to the UK," said Ben Redhead, head of buying at Firebox.com.

"It’s a busy world out there and we all wish we had a spare pair of hands to help us out. Now the world can burst into rounds of applause whilst still keeping one hand free for other important tasks, such as eating, carrying a baby, taking selfies, or replying to those all important emails.

"It’s essentially like having an extra arm. Specifically for clapping.”

Pachi Pachi Clappy is available from Firebox.com in three different colours (Black, Blue and Red) for £12.99 each.

Click here to let a suitably mental video demonstrating the Pachi Pachi Clappy wash all over you.

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