King Post has launched Kickstarter campaigns to create a Moby Dick inspired card game and a Beowulf board game.

Moby Dick and Beowulf join tabletop sector thanks to literature loving gamers

Classical literature is finding itself a new present-day platform as the team behind a Moby Dick card game unveiled its new board game based on the epic poem, Beowulf.

A group of literary connoisseurs named King Post embarked on its odyssey to bring the hero of Viking lore to the living room when it launched a Kickstarter campaign to create Beowulf: The Board Game, earlier this year.

The game surpassed its crowd-funding goal of $30,000 with days to go and is now scheduled to hit retailers and shelves by March 2015.

Designed to breathe new life in to the tale of monsters, blood feuds and the ghoulish Grendel, players take on the role of Viking leaders in Beowulf’s world, while the warrior travels the board dictating play, all the while heading towards his own demise.

The new title marks King Post’s second venture in the translation of classic literature into the tabletop gaming arena.

Last year, the team took to the crowd-funding site to help launch its card game based on Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

One year on, and the team reports a whirlwind of positive reviews and consumer response to the maritime card game, aiming to portray the hardships of the 19th century whalers as they track down their prized leviathan.

“Moby Dick was one of our favourite works of literature and we always felt that it begged for some form of interactivity to make it even more accessible,” Tavit Geudelekian, president of King Post, told ToyNews.

“We aimed to make the experience of playing our game as close to the experience of reading the book as we could, while still preserving the fun of a social tabletop card game.”

Having seen wide success for the game, with retail presence ranging from maritime museums to bookstores, the team decided to broaden its horizons and set to work on developing a board game based on a second piece of classic literature.

“We approached our second game as an experiment for our brand,” continued Geudelekian. “We knew we wanted to adapt another great work of literature in to a tabletop game and kicked around many ideas before landing on Beowulf.”

Geudelekian believes that it is the team’s obsession with translating literature in to games that keeps them prevalent in a ‘noisy tabletop gaming market.’

“Our obsession is actually quite helpful in breaking through the noise of competition and sustaining a presence,” he said. “Even compared to other companies that have made games based on Beowulf, our approach is to put the literature first, making the game stand apart and more appealing to fans of the classic work.”

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