An early spike in sales sees the toy giant cap its shipping to Canada's independent toy retailers until 2015.

Are Canadian toy retailers facing a LEGO shortage?

Independent toy retailers across Canada could be facing a LEGO shortage this Christmas.

Following the success of The LEGO Movie across the territory this year, sales of the construction toy have surpassed early expectations.

As a result, the toy giant has now stopped supplying its product to independent retailers across Canada until 2015, reports Global News.

At independent toy store, Swag Sisters, LEGO makes up about 30 per cent of sales each year, and co-owner Guy Bagley reports that this is the first time he has ever run in to this situation.

“We’re hoping it’s not going to be too catastrophic,” he said.

Stores that usually receive LEGO shipments in October will now have to wait until March to replenish shelves.

“It’s going to be interesting now that the news is out there, people are trying to stock pile so we could run in to a shortage,” said Katie MacKinnon, co-owner of Treasure Island Toys.

Brynn Winegard, a marketing expert at Winegard & Company believes that the move is not simply a marketing ploy from the company.

“Probably what we’re looking at here is a fulfillment and projection strategy that allows the manufacturer, in this case LEGO, to never have too much or too little product at the retailers.”

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