The firm has revealed its plans to take on LEGO and Playmobil in preschool toy advent calendars.

Wow Toys launches Christmas calendar line

Wow Toys has revealed its plans to go head to head with the likes of LEGO and Playmobil this year with its own collection of Christmas Advent Calendars.

Aimed at kids aged from 12 months to five years, the new collection features two designs: Wow Town and Wow Wonderland, ?each offering young fans ?a different toy to play ?with for every day of the Christmas countdown.

Both calendars contain 24 figures and vehicles, all fully compatible with Wow’s range of pre-school toys and activities and will retail at £19.99 each.

“We decided that Christmas 2014 was time to take Wow Toys in to competition with the likes of LEGO and Playmobil.?so we chose to introduce our very own Calendar concept,” Wow Toys’ brand manager, Safoura Bahrani informed ToyNews.

“The reaction to the concept has already been fantastic, we couldn’t have asked for better feedback. Wow advent calendars are one of the only toy filled calendars available on? the infant market, which ?is a real opportunity for retailers and something exciting for consumers.”

The range is now leading Wow Toys’ Christmas offering, which the firm is confident will expand as a new generation engages with the brand.

“These advent calendars are hugely important to Wow Toys’ Christmas portfolio. We hope that after strong sales this year we can expand the range. But for now, the Wow Wonderland and Wow?Town advent? calendars are? crucial for ?increasing our year ?on year Christmas sales.”

The advent calendars will be available to all retailers from mid-September, and to support the range, Wow Toys has created a unique FSDU able to hold 12 units of each calendar.

“We are also promoting the calendars in multiple magazines and working with our devoted online blogger network, as well as running a social media plan for our online community,” said Bahrani.

“We feel we have the perfect product for this Christmas,” she concluded.

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