Sterling will discuss her passion to close the gender gap at the lecture hosted by the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Goldieblox inventor Debbie Sterling to be guest speaker at IET’s ‘Inspiring the Next Generation’ lecture

Debbie Sterling, the creator of GoldieBlox, will visit the UK this week where she will attend a London store event and give a lecture for Institute of Engineering and Technology to support the new brand distributed in the UK by Interplay.

In addition to a meet the media day, Sterling will be visiting the John Lewis Store in Oxford Street on Saturday, September 27th at 1pm to demonstrate the product to parents and children and talk about the inspiration behind its development.

Sterling will also be a guest speaker at the Al Qasimi Lecture Theatre in Prince Phillip House, London where the Institute of Engineering and technology will be hosting a lecture entitled ‘Inspiring the Next Generation’.

As guest of honour she will speaking about her passion to close the gender gap in male dominated industries.

“Since first seeing the brand we were captivated by the story behind its creation," said Gemma Porter, Interplay’s marketing manager.

"Debbie is truly inspirational and will be the very best person placed to demonstrate the products to the shoppers in the UK’s busiest shopping street. What’s more her story is highly topical and her media day is expected to be extremely busy with a whole host of interview scenarios.” 

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