New card game mocking city planning has a Kickstarter goal of $7,500.

Cards Against Urbanity, ‘a card game for horrible places’, hits Kickstarter

A card game inspired by Cards Against Humanity but with a focus on cities and neighbourhoods rather than controversial subjects has hit Kickstarter.

And yes, it’s called Cards Against Urbanity.

Billed as ‘the card game for horrible places’, Cards Against Urbanity is the brainchild of GreaterPlaces and DoTankDC and is currently surging towards its goal of $7,500 on Kickstarter.

Similar to Cards Against Humanity, the game decks feature question and answer cards.

Each player takes turns to respond to a question about cities and neighbourhoods and try to appeal to the judge by throwing down answer cards from their hand.

The deck features a range of questions, such as ‘The city council recently banned…’ Players must then select the answer they believe will prompt the greatest response, such as placing a ban on middle-aged men in lycra.

With 31 days still to go on the crowdfunding site, Cards Against Urbanity has already achieved $6,572 in funding.

Check out the Cards Against Urbanity Kickstarter project here.

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