Producer challenges players to take on the role of actor, director and producer.

Movie-making card game passes Kickstarter goal days after launch

A movie making card game that puts players in the role of director, producer and actor has surpassed its Kickstarter goal with 21 days still remaining.

Producer, a movie making, story telling card game, took to the crowdfunding site earlier this month with the goal of securing $2,000.

Balancing strategy with storytelling, players must create a movie by playing film clips from their collected cards, or swapping for desired clips in the Auditioning Room.

After several rounds, players can then see how their film performs at box office by telling the story of their movie trailer.

‘From casting actors, developing a film score and selling tickets, players follow their creation through every stage of the film-making process,’ read the game’s Kickstarter description.

With just under one month still remaining on the crowd-sourcing site, Producer has already secured $2,300. Check out the project’s Kickstarter page, here.

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