'Death-defying' party game for badults is the first title from newly formed games company Big Potato.

Linkee creators bring Bucket of Doom to Kickstarter

Big Potato, a new games company established by the creators of Linkee, has launched its first game on Kickstarter in the form of Bucket of Doom.

Bucket of Doom is a death-defying party game for badults, where players must escape from bad situations by finding inventive uses for a range of useless objects.

The game sees a player choose a deadly scenario from a Doom Card, and then all other players choose one of the eight useless object cards in their hand to hatch an escape.

Players vote for the best/funniest/most ridiculous plan and the person with the most votes wins the Doom Card.

Aimed at over 18s (the tagline is ‘When the shit hits the fan, you need a plan’), Bucket of Doom features a mix of horrifically bad situations, ranging from the ‘downright silly to the potentially offensive’.

Bucket of Doom will go into production once the Kickstarter target of £15,000 is reached and games are expected to ship before Christmas. Big Potato has even created UK and US versions to cater for fans across the pond.

“If you’ve ever wondered how you’d get away from a baying bunch of militant vegans whilst wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress, or mused over strategies to survive Darth Vader’s death pinch, well, frankly, you need professional help,” said Big Potato’s Tristan Williams.

“But, in lieu of that, you’re likely to enjoy this delightfully dark party game. We’ve conjured up a hundred frightening scenarios and four times as many useless objects for players to use to save their necks. The end result is a sociable and creative table-top game that’s strictly for grown-ups.”

Big Potato’s Dean Tempest added: “Like most games for badults, Bucket of Doom taps into grown-ups’ desire for creative, informal, open-ended play but with an added dash of the risqué.

“We’ve been testing it for the last six months with our guinea pigs, making tweaks based on their feedback and perfecting what we hope is the ultimate in controversial story-telling games. Initial feedback for the game has been really encouraging and we have everything crossed that we hit our target.”

Big Potato will be seeking crowd-sourced scenarios for the second edition of the game, with fans encouraged to create their own one-line bad situations.

Tempest added: “Like many of the games for badults on the market, Bucket of Doom can be as offensive or controversial as players want to make it. So we’re inviting them to write their own scenarios.

"Our guinea pigs have already made us blush with some of the situations they’ve concocted, many of which have made it into the game with their name on the card. In a way, this puts our mind at ease because they’re writing content that’s even nearer the knuckle than we have.”

The Kickstarter campaign runs until Tuesday October 7th and Bucket of Doom wil be making its debut at tomorrow’s Board Game Club event in Clapham.

Check out the Kickstarter video for Bucket of Doom below:

Linkee is licensed to John Adams.

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