KD UK will provide tablets for the exhibition run by The Ben Kinsella Trust.

KD UK teams with Smack to support The Ben Kinsella Exhibition

KD UK has teamed up with London-based creative digital agency Smack to support The Ben Kinsella Trust’s upcoming exhibition.

 The Ben Kinsella Trust aims to educate young people about the consequences of knife crime and how they can make smart choices to stay safe.

Smack will help the Trust extend its ‘interactive learning experience’ for the new Ben Kinsella exhibition, which is moving to Islington later this year, while KD UK will provide tablets for the event.

"The Trust will be reaching out to engage children through new interactive elements at the exhibition," said Caroline Haybyrne, head of partnerships at Smack.

"We immediately thought of inviting Kurio to join as a partner."

Tracey Devine, marketing and licensing director at KD UK, added: "As soon as we got the call from Smack we were happy to collaborate. 

"The Trust provides an amazing service for young people. The application of our products and the support we could contribute made it a very easy decision for us to be involved and provide tablets for exhibition installation."

The Trust was set up after 16-year-old Ben Kinsella was murdered in 2008, prompting a series of marches against knife crime and vociferous campaigning from the Kinsella family. The Trust has since set out to honour Ben’s memory by tackling the issue of knife crime.

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