Slap .45 has secured over $60,000 with a week still remaining on the crowdfunding site.

Cards Against Humanity creator smashes Kickstarter goal for Western shoot-out card game

A new Western shoot-out style card game from a creator of Cards Against Humanity could soon be blasting its way to retail.

Developed by Max Temkin and a team of six designers, Slap .45 took the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter last month to secure $18,000 in funding.

With one week of the team’s Kickstater campaign still remaining, Gnarwhal Studios has smashed this goal, having secured over $60,000.

Designed for three to seven players, Slap .45 is described as the ‘simple slap game that captures the feeling of a classic Western shootout,’ and challenge players to duels at sundown with 67 shootout cards, 42 mini gang cards and more.

Each player must choose a unique gang with a special power in an attempt to outwit and outslap their opponents.

“We have been working on Slap .45 for about a year, playtesting and tweaking the rules to make a polished, accessible experience with layers of deep strategy,” said Temkin.

“Players can’t help getting out of their seats and losing themselves in the game. Almost everyone who touches it demands a rematch.”

The game was created by Baltimore-based Gnarwhal Studios, the same studio that created Humans vs. Zombies, dubbed the largest game of tag in the world.

It is available with a $35 pledge to the Kickstarter campaign, which runs through until September 17th.

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