Inventor Ali Kermani tells ToyNews that the Lil’ Crazy, along with a version for adults, is in the pipeline.

Crazy Cart for pre-schoolers to be “first drifting toy for kids”

Pre-schoolers will soon be drifting around the playground thanks to the Lil’ Crazy, an upcoming version of the Crazy Cart designed specially for young children.

The original Crazy Cart, for ages nine and above, launched in August and its inventor Ali Kermani has now revealed he has a special version designed for pre-schoolers in the pipeline.

Kermani told ToyNews: “We’ve developed what we’re calling the Lil’ Crazy. It’s a simplified version for young kids. It goes very slow because we’re talking very young kids, for ages three and up. It’s the very first drifting toy for kids.

“It’s pretty unbelievable. I can’t wait to see drift enthusiasts putting their kids in these things. We have the kids around the office and as soon as they start, the smiles they get on their faces are unbelievable.”

And Kermani isn’t stopping there. Parents envious of their drifting offspring will be pleased to learn that a Crazy Cart XL for adults is also on the way.

“We had tons of adults saying they wanted a version suitable for them so we’re developing the Crazy Cart XL,” continued Kermani.

“The Crazy Cart XL is about fast, quick, nimble steering. The first prototype will be out in the US at the end of this year and we don’t know exactly when it will arrive in the UK, but we’re hoping for an early 2015 launch.”

With the original Crazy Cart making waves in the US, early signs indicate the drifting ride-on is doing just as well in the UK.

And with a hit on his hands, Kermani now has greater freedom to expand the Crazy Cart line further still.

“We are now developing the Crazy Cart line and continually trying to improve it,” added Kermani.

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