The project has received 10,000 supporters and will now make the giant leap to review stage.

LEGO NASA Hubble Space Telescope comes into focus on LEGO Ideas

A new LEGO NASA Hubble Space Telescope could be coming in to focus as the project reaches 10,000 supporters on the fan site, LEGO Ideas.

One small step for man, one giant leap for LEGO fan and creator of the project, GRusso the Hubble Space Telescope will now enter review stage on the site.

The Idea secured its 10,000th ‘like’ just hours before the deadline for the second 2014 review.

GRusso decided to embark on the project to commemorate the upcoming 25th anniversary of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope next year.

The LEGO Ideas team has congratulated GRusso on the success of the project.

“Like a rocket at escape velocity, this project gathered its last several hundred supporters just hour before the Review deadline,” said the LEGO Ideas team.

“Congratulations GRusso and space exploration fans around the world, and what a great proposal to commemorate the Hubble Space Telescope that has given humanity such beautiful images and invaluable insight into our universe.”

The Second 2014 Review will begin this month and features successfully backed projects from early May to early September.

Check out the pics of the LEGO NASA Hubble Space Telescope below:

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