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Guess the accent game heads to the quirky online retailer.

Firebox picks up Accentuate

Firebox.com has become the first online stockist of guess the accent game, Accentuate.

The game, which first launched back in July, sees players read a quotation aloud in a randomly selected accent, with other gamers having to guess the dialect in queston.

“To see our game on Firebox.com is a dream come true,” said co-inventor Fiona Fraser-Bell.

“The site is renowned for getting behind new and unusual inventions and Accentuate is right at home there, as it’s so different to other party games on the market.

"The Firebox.com shopper is savvy about ‘games for badults’, eager to try new things and absolutely the kind of person who will enjoy the hilariously awkward game-play Accentuate offers, especially for Christmas.”

Ben Redhead, head of buying at Firebox.com, added: “Accentuate is a beautifully simple and hilarious card game where you can find out just how bad, or good, you are at doing accents.

"Play it and prepare for an onslaught of painful parodies, preposterous voices and seriously dubious imitations.”

Accentuate is for four or more players aged 16 and above and retails at £19.99 from Firebox.com. The game is also available from Accentuate’s own website, www.accentuategames.com

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