MAM's Monkey Business is looking for £1,500 to fund expansion as demand for cuddly monkeys increases.

Personalised soft monkey toys swing to Kickstarter

A mother and sewing fanatic has taken to Kickstarter in a bid to launch her own line of handmade and personalised soft toy monkey characters.

MAM’s Monkey Business embarked on its crowdfunding project last month with the aim of raising £1,500 to aide with expansion and productivity.

Michelle Jones, the skilled hand behind the firm’s flagship characters, Morgan the Monkey and Alfie the Ape first created her monkey characters seven months ago when she developed the soft creatures for her two sons.

Jones was soon met with floods of positive comments and requests when she posted her creations on Facebook and social media.

Today, MAM’s Monkey Business has gone from quiet sewing hobby to a bustling firm, churning out CE safety compliant characters each month.

Jones is now looking to secure funds to help develop the business further, increase productivity and produce a new range of personalized monkeys.

“As my little hobby has been such a hit and has turned in to a small business, I thought that with a little help I could make it into a long term successful one,” Jones told ToyNews.

“I have asked for a little help with funding from Kickstarter to expand further. I need an up to date machine which will allow me to produce more monkeys and more products in a shorter space of time.”

Jones is currently working out of her own dining room, dedicating her time to producing personalised monkey characters. Kickstarter investment will help the seamstress overhaul her workspace to accommodate demand.

“In the near future I would like to be able to offer a wider range of products such as Memory Monkeys (made from baby’s first clothes) and possibly cot bedding.

“My range of toys is also due to expand and in the last week I have introduced my new Sock Owl which is proving to be quite popular.”

With 33 days remaining on the Kickstarter site, Jones is optimistic over the future of MAM’s Monkey Business.

“With feedback I have received I am very hopeful that MAM’s Monkey Business will carry on being successful and in the coming years I will have a reputation for creating safe handmade soft toys and accessories,” she concluded.

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