Nine personalities spanning Glorp Corp, The Spikels and Wiztastic allow kids to 'build weirder and stranger' combinations than ever before.

LEGO launches Mixels Season Three

LEGO has revealed its latest collection of quirky characters to take the playground by storm this back to school season.

LEGO Mixels Series Three will allow kids to ‘build even weirder and stranger’ combinations than before with a host of nine new personalities, spanning three new tribes.

From the slimey swamps arrive the Glorp Corp, featuring the runny-nosed Glomp, the hound-like Glurt and the slow moving but ever useful, Torts.

Meanwhile, The Spikels are covered with spikes and come with an attitude to match. The line-up includes Footi, Scorpi and Hoogi.

Completing the season three launch is the Wiztastic tribe, a purple team of travelling magicians. The tribe is made up of Mesmo, Magnifo and Wizwuz.

Each character in the LEGO Mixels range retails for £3.00, with each model featuring up to 70 pieces of LEGO, including eyes, teeth and ball joints.

LEGO Mixels Season Three is available now.

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