ZomBN1 features a post-apocalyptic Brighton overrun by zombies, Brighton characters and B-list celebrities.

Zombies attack Brighton in new indie board game from Bedsit Games

Zombies are descending upon Brighton, and as one of the city’s quirky residents, you simply have to get the heck outta there.

But not before you’ve battled your way through hordes of the undead to earn a place on the last train out of town.

Of course, this post-apocalyptic scenario is only a board game, so you can put away your baseball bat, for now.

ZomBN1 is the latest release from independent board game manufacturer, Bedsit Games and pits players against each other in the fight for survival.

But zombies are not the only thing players must watch out for, as this ‘love letter to Brighton’ also features and array on popular Brighton characters and B list celebrities to contend with on the way to safety.

The board game, playfully adapting the Brighton postcode (BN1) is the second title from creator Paul Stapleton, a local to the area and the name behind the original BN1 game.

“Inspiration for ZomBN1 came shortly after the first Bedsit Game, BN1 came out,” Stapleton told ToyNews.

“Once a year in Brighton, a zombie walk would take place, seeing hundreds of people in some really great zombie outfits.

“This left an impression on me and got me thinking that it would be a good way to follow up the original game. Plus I’m a big fan of zombie fiction, so I didn’t need much of a nudge.”

Targeting local residents, Stapleton has decided to market the board game himself, with a dedicated Bedsit Games website, support from local press and a mailing list.

The fruit of his marketing efforts saw 15 retailers across Brighton take up his BN1 title with over a thousand copies sold in the space of just five weeks.

Stapleton now believes that ZomBN1 can mirror this success when it hits local high street retailers this Halloween.

“The buzz around BN1 was fantastic, people were following the game from the first few sketches to the finished piece. I’m hoping ZomBN1 will pick up the same sales,” he said.

“I do plenty of craft and makers fairs, which is a nice way to sell as you get to meet people who are interested in your game, face to face. Most retailers have said they’d be happy to take a punt on ZomBN1, so come Halloween, they’ll be available on the high streets.”

ZomBN1 is now available to pre-order through the Bedsit Games website.

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