Children under ten being asked to put their imagination and creativity into action.

Arklu reveals new Lottie Holiday Adventure Storywriting competition

Arklu has unveiled a new Lottie dolls competition, with children under ten being asked to put their imagination and creativity into action by writing a story about Lottie and her holiday adventures.

The Lottie Holiday Adventure Storywriting competition is a chance for one lucky child to win a selection of ten books from the Lottie Pinterest folder ‘Great Books for Girls’ (that boys can read, too). This is in addition to winning exclusive new Lottie products before they hit the shelves.

"Lottie dolls motto is ‘Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You’ and our dolls explore inspiring and adventurers themes; the storywriting competition promotes this imaginative nature in young kids," said Lucy Follett, creator director at Arklu.

"Classic children’s stories such as Anne of Green Gables and Pippi Longstocking enter us into a world where girls aren’t pristine or perfect, but are perfectly good role models for real girls.

"Brave, strong, flawed but charismatic characters inviting us on adventures while we learn a few life lessons on the way – this is typical of the ‘pro-girl’ ethos of Lottie. Vacations abroad or simply school holidays spent at home are often memorable times for children so we want to hear about them, by getting the children involved in some imaginative writing fun."

To enter the competition, parents and guardians are being asked to download a printable template from the storywriting app on the Lottie dolls Facebook page so that children can use this as a starting point for their story.

Parents are then required to take a photo of their child’s story and upload it onto the storywriting contest Facebook app, filling in a form granting parental permission for their child’s entry to be considered for the competition.

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