Generation Media's Nadia Khaldi looks at how the latest ABC results show a circulation drop for titles in the kids and parenting press sector.

New ABC results reveal kids and parenting press market decline

As anticipated, the latest ABC results show a circulation drop for a majority of the press titles in the kids and parenting press market. However, it’s not just doom and gloom and there are a few titles which stand out and are growing their circulation.

The kids market has seen an overall three per cent decrease PoP in circulation compared to the previous period’s results, but has increased by 12 per cent YoY. This is due to new titles entering the market such as Peppa Pig Bag-o-Fun and LEGO Legends of Chima.

The fickle nature of children means the circulations are dependent on the hot licenses and these change frequently. In this report, we can see that titles based on Peppa Pig and CBeebies continues to increase in popularity, however, previous favourite Ben 10 has seen a decrease.

The parenting press sector has continued to decrease, but not as steeply as in previous periods. This suggests that the market is becoming more stable. Gurgle who suffered drastic decline in the previous results have now increased their circulation by 43.6 per cent.

Mother & Baby have recently re-launched their magazine with a new, cleaner design and more focus on shopping and saw an increase by 3.6 per cent. The figures demonstrate there is still a demand for print in the parenting sector.

This year we have seen an increase amongst ownership of tablets and smart phones, particularly among kids and parents. The print platforms are therefore becoming a focal point to play games, communicate with peers and find information about products.

Press titles have developed engaged audiences through their social media channels and are able to communicate an advertisers’ message in engaging formats such as product testing, discussions and competitions.

Media continues to evolve and audiences have become increasingly fragmented across different platforms. More touch points are now available in the search for information and entertainment, previously provided by traditional print formats.

However, this does not mean the end for the print titles.

Many publishers are launching digital editions on mobile and tablet and increasing investment in their online platforms. Publishers are reporting growth in online traffic to their sites, demonstrating continued audience engagement across touch points, which should be considered when planning and buying.

This sector is key for advertisers looking to reach youths and parents; Digital editions are now included in the ABC report and here circulations have seen an increase for most titles, following the significant growth in tablet penetration. Many titles only released their digital editions this year; it will be interesting to see how these perform in the next ABCs in early 2015.

With a press market that is under pressure there is undoubtedly an opportunity for seller and buyers alike to find added value opportunities, including offering integrated approaches through publishers’ digital platforms.

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